Monday, April 27, 2015

Sole Struck...........

We women love shoes.....I still have to come across a female who says otherwise.We might not hoard them like some enviable shoe collectors around the world but we do love to look at them, shop for them and wear a new one every now and then. I used to be hoarder early on in my life but I realised that I barely saw the end of my shoe rack at times leaving so many shoes decaying in my stack, so now I buy shoes from season to season though I have a few staples which I carry forward and plan to keep till they don't give up on me.
I am new to the shopping scene in Australia and hence I keep my eyes open for anything that catches my eye and then make notes from there on. On one of my recent visits to the near by market I came across this shoe store and was pleasantly surprised.

It is run by two lovely friends Maree Carland and Amanda Flay.

This shop is a result of one women's love for fashion and her power to convince her dear friend to join her in this adventure. It is a fairly new store and they recently completed 1 year since opening their doors to the lovely town of Mt Isa in April last year. 

They both saw a need for an exclusive shoe shop in their town and thus they both decided to open one. Maree is a mum of 3 and has been living in the Isa for the past 17 years. She is the business head of the company and has prior experience in the shoe business as she owned a shop previously back in 2005. Unfortunately she had to sell it because her son got really sick and needed a lot of care. On the other hand Amanda is a mum of 5, she has been here for 12 years and is addicted to shoes and all thing pretty, she brings the glamour to the shop and all the things inside.

"One day we just had this idea and then next day we were working on it.We liked the name, it was short and sweet and kind of stayed with us.We were a little skeptical in the beginning if this business would thrive or not? Would we even receive a response? But to our surprise we were more than welcome by our town, our friends and family.They showed great support and love for our passion and here we are a year later growing only stronger by each day. Lots of young girls are our regulars and they come here to shop for their graduations, date nights, the races or even for their first ever pair of heels.We even sell bags and jewellery which are a hit with our customers."

"Our shoes are not made in Mt Isa but we source them from designers all over Australia like Billini, Ramarim, Boston Belle, Valeria Grossi, Skin etc.Our price ranges are also pocket friendly between $29-$200 for Bags and Shoes and $5 upwards for jewellery."

As per my earlier post on the forecast for winter 2015 you can find a lot of wedges, sexy strappy heels as well as flat shoes to choose from and the best part is that you can even order them online from their Website the link of which is below.

 Sole Struck:     2/29 Miles Street Mount Isa  

                         07 4749 4921

Email them at:
Opening hours: Monday & Tuesday:  9am - 2pm
                          Wednesday & Friday: 9am - 5pm
                          Thurs: 9am - 7pm
                           Sat: 9am - 1pm
                           Sun: Closed
                           Online 24/7

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Winter Shoe Trends.....what to shop now!!!

Since i did a post on ponchos I kept thinking that it would only be fair to do a post on a pair of boots to go with them. I thought I shouldn't keep you hanging about the rest of the look incase I got you excited about shopping for ponchos, so here I am with Boots....
Winters require us to cover up ourselves because its super windy and cold or just to keep our skin from drying out in the winter chill but that doesn't mean we need to wear such boxy looking boring and repetitive boots every winters . Everyone has a pair on and in Australia women generally get away with wearing a pair of UGGS all winter long which I think is super comfortable but a tad bit boring. So for those of my readers who want to freshen up their look without breaking the bank below are the key trends for fall winter this year in a nutshell.

"Chunky Heels"

"Flat Shoes"

"Ankle Straps and Buckles"

"Platform and Wedges"

"Shoes Trends inspired by Mens shoes"

"Sparkles and Jewels"

"Boots with Cuts"


"Thigh High Boots"

"Creative Textures in Boots"


I hope by now you have a fair idea of the shoes that you need to pick up as well as which shoes to bring to the front of your shoe collection. Needless to say I'm excited about shopping again.........browsing through the internet for some of my favourite shoes doing the rounds these days, will soon share my finds with you...xoxo....Have a lovely weekend guys!!!

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