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                                                                  " JESSIE AURORA"

  I had always wanted to study journalism and work with a magazine but somehow after school things took a turn in a separate direction and I landed up studying fashion designing.Thankfully the subject did interest me and I enjoyed the creative aspects though I must say I hated making patterns.......after 3 years of bearing dictations of our faculty I thought may be once I begin a job I would be free to create what I want to and in the way that I want but I soon found my bubble burst when I spent my days ironing clothes, tagging them, finishing garments, making alterations and spending hours kissing asses.
Guess what.........I HATED IT....nothing was as I had imagined.
There were no titter tatter of heels walking in the hallway, there was no moment where I was even close to creating a complete attire without anyone's opinion, the champagne was not flowing, the fashion shows were not jampacked, we were not even close to the front row on the otherhand we were in the blinds next to a skinny pile of bones poking pins and feeding protein bars.My day began from 8 am to 1 am in the night and I barely remember sleeping through an entire sunday for those 3 years.As anyone can imagine frustration had struck home and I left my job.

                      SWITCHING JOBS at a Buying Agency didn't help me any only frustrated me furthermore as I saw how fashion was growing by the hour everywhere except in India.We worked with such great names in the business like Collette Dinnigan, Maje, Marc Jacobs, Alice and Olivia, Joie, Anthropologie etc and we would see our clothes on the runways of Paris and New york and still we were just doing a day job and not living our fashionable dreams made up of Dolce and Gabanna and Alligator skins.......but then one day at work, after spending hours flipping through pages I saw something rather I saw someone.....ANNA DEL RUSSO and her blog.

For a moment I thought to myself look at her and the control she has on her life......she says what she wants, wears what she wants and is such a positive energy.I spent the entire day reading her blog and a few more and just seeing all that creative work put in by so many people I thought to myself isnt this what I really wanna do?isnt this what fashion is all about? Creating something unique and new?so today after months of reading and wasting time I have finally decided to do this......Having moved to Australia I think the time is right for me to pursue what my heart desires.

I don't know how far shall I go and whether I will able to get an audience or not but for now I will atleast put it out there.........XOXO

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