Saturday, April 25, 2015

Winter Shoe Trends.....what to shop now!!!

Since i did a post on ponchos I kept thinking that it would only be fair to do a post on a pair of boots to go with them. I thought I shouldn't keep you hanging about the rest of the look incase I got you excited about shopping for ponchos, so here I am with Boots....
Winters require us to cover up ourselves because its super windy and cold or just to keep our skin from drying out in the winter chill but that doesn't mean we need to wear such boxy looking boring and repetitive boots every winters . Everyone has a pair on and in Australia women generally get away with wearing a pair of UGGS all winter long which I think is super comfortable but a tad bit boring. So for those of my readers who want to freshen up their look without breaking the bank below are the key trends for fall winter this year in a nutshell.

"Chunky Heels"

"Flat Shoes"

"Ankle Straps and Buckles"

"Platform and Wedges"

"Shoes Trends inspired by Mens shoes"

"Sparkles and Jewels"

"Boots with Cuts"


"Thigh High Boots"

"Creative Textures in Boots"


I hope by now you have a fair idea of the shoes that you need to pick up as well as which shoes to bring to the front of your shoe collection. Needless to say I'm excited about shopping again.........browsing through the internet for some of my favourite shoes doing the rounds these days, will soon share my finds with you...xoxo....Have a lovely weekend guys!!!

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