Monday, April 20, 2015

Winter is here Finally.........

Some people unlike me love winters.
They love everything about it...the cozy feeling of a cashmere, the warm sunshine on your face, the hot coffee, blankets, warm roasts and warm snuggles. Though at times I can't bear the cold but I have to admit that winters are a very good season to dress up.You finally get to take out those new leather boots and flaunt them on a night out in town and also wear that Poncho and match it perfectly with those know the feeling.
Today when I woke up I felt a slight chill in the air and that meant that it was time to get the winter clothing back in my closet and shift wardrobes. Now being a women you would definitely relate to me when I tell you....."I also felt like shopping". Of course I have winter clothes but that jacket is so last season now and I need new gloves to match the pink dress I bought for my self the other day.
So today when i sat down shopping yet again I opened my utmost favourite site.Every time I have to shop the first place I always look at (at times the only place I look in) is ASOS.
Its funny somehow I think my mind functions into telling me


So I got online today and voila....I found such delicious and grab worthy pieces so I thought of sharing them with you guys too....Enjoy!!!! I know you are itching to use that card again....Happy winter you guys!!!

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