Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Always walk like you have three men watching you

Standing Tall at  5'11" she is the ultimate fashion chameleon changing her role from traditional to retro to glam in a blink of an eyelash or a blow of a hairdryer. Shweta Dolli first came on to the scene when she won the Femina Miss India South 2011. Coming from a defence background, she has had the opportunity to travel the country far and wide which gave her immense confidence and an easy going attitude towards people in general. She has always been involved in various outdoor activities, which include rock climbing, snorkeling, trekking and white water rafting. Her modelling career is soaring high having won two Miss Tiara titles and the Femina Miss India South after which she also made it to the top ten Femina miss India contestants. Shweta was trained intensively by Pageant Coach Ritika Ramtri and the results are evident when you see here stride her stuff on the most coveted fashion week ramps in India.


When asked about her favourite item in her wardrobe....she showed me this beautiful Promod Jacket with Delicate french lace appliqu├ęs and these forever-go-to flats from ZARA.

"I absolutely love wearing these two things an I always carry them around between shoots and assignments, you know how hectic life can get during fashion weeks and after having walked all day in heels these flats are a treat for my feet plus they are nude in colour with a few sparkles here and there which blend in easily during a day or night event."

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