Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Diva.........Roanee KC

I read a beautiful quote today.“We could all do with a bit more joy in our lives couldn't we? The wonderful thing is that when we start spreading joy, we begin to actually experience more joy in our lives too!” While writing this post today I feel the same feeling. A few days back I set out on this journey to meet new people, talk to them, hear them out, listen to them tell me about their prized possessions, write about their joys and share their longings. It hasn't been a long time since my first story but I must say that even in this short span of time I am so happy to have taken this initiative. It is such a joy to hear strangers and friends open about themselves so unabashedly. We humans are such complex beings, no two are alike. Every face hides a different emotion, every smile recalls a different joy, every mind has a different direction. When this thought had come to my mind I had realised that no two people will have the same favourites and that variety will direct my blog's journey and today after a dozen stories my belief has only strengthened.What I din't realise back then was the element of surprise that some people could bring to my posts. Either they turned out to be much deeper then what they showed to the world or they were poles apart from what I had perceived them to be.One such wonderful surprise that I happen to know recently is Roanee Kc.By profession she is a "NURSE IN ONCOLOGY" 

Yes I know what you're me I'm telling you the truth.......She is NOT a model.

Roanee was born in Nepal but now lives in Sydney. Though nursing can get a bit stressful at times she still loves every aspect of her job and believes it to be a noble and rewarding profession."As a nurse I find it hard to keep up with my fashionable self at work (nursing isn't a glamorous profession) but having said that I love my scrubs."She is every bit of a 23 year old. Loves to shop, watch movies, spend lazy afternoons in bed, enjoys having a good time, trying out new cuisines and meeting new people. She is easy going and makes friends easily with her warm personality. As it is already evident from her gorgeous photographs she loves to dress up."They say one day our life will flash before our eyes.......why not make it worth watching. Needless to say....I'm a fashion addict. I always keep myself updated with the latest trends and I strongly believe that fashion is a lifestyle, its all about passion and good taste. I like to look good, it makes me feel better about myself and boosts my confidence however it's all about comfort for me. I am not really that brand conscious and I think you can look or feel good even without spending tons of money. If you're wise enough to pick clothes that suit your body type, the occasion or the weather you will pull it off in the end. Before we talk about clothes I have to say....... I'm obsessed with dogs!!! I absolutely adore these faithful, loving, cuddly creatures (though I still have to own one myself). I really miss my sister's dogs back home he was my utmost favourite." Seeing her wardrobe choices and the way she always turned out I knew I would find some really fascinating and drool worthy items in her wardrobe and she didn't fail to deliver. When I asked her about her favourite possession understandably so, she couldn't make up her mind, which 23 year old fashionista can??!!

She admires natural beauty and loves to surround herself with beautiful places and take plenty of pictures within such breathtaking backdrops. 

"I have a few, is that okay???I love going traditional at times. Being so far away from home we rarely get chances to dress up in our traditional clothes. I find my traditional attire really unique and exotic as it stands out in this western culture.I own a kurta (dress) in my wardrobe which I'm in love with. I bought it on one of my recent trips to Nepal. I first wore it at an important Nepalese festival, Tihar. It was an auspicious day for us and I  received so many compliments with this dress that it made it a memorable night for me and I still cherish those memories hence this dress is an absolute favourite of mine.Coming to my second favourite item in my wardrobe.......It is a gown that I bought from SEDUCE.""It was love at first sight for me and the price was so reasonable that I just couldn't believe my luck . I'm still waiting for that special day when I can wear this beautiful gown." 

                      "Another favourite is this Forever New clutch. I bought it recently for my sister's baby shower to match it with my dress and absolutely fell in love with it. I also wear these Swarovski ear studs (picture below) that I had pinched from my mum a lot. She had bought these for herself when we were on a vacation in Thailand.""I love my Fossil Rose Gold watch, it's my first and you can never forget your first. I'm not really a watch person but something provoked me to buy this watch. I was feeling very retrospective and may be it was growing up or may be I was realising the importance of time, I don't know what it was but just on an impulse I went ahead and bought it HE!!HE!!."Looking at her I once again realised that despite where you are, what you do in life or how much sickness/sorrow you see around you, All it takes to feel really happy is very simple......Cherish the abundance that your life has offered you and feel the joy, the gift that it is.LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!!!!Happy holidays people.....Spread the LOVE!!!XOXO.Share it with your friends and follow my blog for more such stories.......

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