Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Swati Aliawadi....The Opinionated..

Today I’m featuring a fellow blogger Swati Ailawadi
AKA (Fashion+Decor x logic)

I first noticed her through her Instagram account. There is a certain hidden humour in the way she captured her images, style with quirk as I would put it and very very individualistic at that too, her strong sense of being made me reach out to her and I must say it has been a joy to know her beyond those photographs ever since. 

She is a Fashion Blogger by profession and an Accessory Designer by degree, though her heart has always had an inclination towards tasteful chic interiors. She is captivated by the history of design, it's evolution, the growth of fashion and their bigger purpose in popular cultures in our recent times.
 Since a young age she has actively spoken her mind out through debates, talks and discussions which led her in becoming opinionated yet liberal, one who is ferociously against meaningless social norms and is an egalitarian, but pro-women due to the obvious disparities between genders. So all of these traits come forth in her blogging where social questions meet fashion and design, all looked at from a logical perspective.

Having recently stumbled upon her work and sense of style I was actually guided by her in understanding her possessions..... 

 " My favorite fashion possession currently has to be my new Nike shoes. I don't wear pink much and neither did I previously own a pair of sneakers. So, I have pushed my fashion boundary with this one and loved it on a recent vacation."

"I would define my style as edgy meets minimalistic where more often than not my accessories and hair end up being edgy. You can see the contrast in my clothing and accessories wardrobes in the below picture."

"If you ask me I'm most possessive about my hair. I believe in spending and investing the most on my hair and my argument is that the cost per wear for a hairstyle is a lot less than say a clothing item bought at the same price so if you have a kick-ass hairstyle, even the most regular of attires start looking better, hence they would clearly be my favourite ."

 The other detail I love paying attention to is perfume, I think I took Coco Chanel's 
 "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future" way too seriously. .....*wink*

For more please follow her blog the link is here below

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Swati Ailawadi said...

Thank you so so much Jessie for featuring me here plus all the adjectives you've used for me :) I am super glad you found me on instagram and hence I found your blog :)

I voted for you ;)

Jessie Aurora said...

The pleasure was all mine.....will definately reach out next time i'm in and power to you gal...

Anonymous said...

Came over from an email from WHOWHATWEAR and saw your comment and your blog address. I would like to be a little more edgy, but not sure how. Right now I live in the tropics -- in Puerto Rico on a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico. It is hot and everyone here is very casual, so I have a uniform of tank top, gauze shirt and leggings and sandals. I plan to move to northern Florida in the states and want to update my look. Leggings are so comfortable and I have a back injury and lay down often, so I am into comfort here. I am older and really don't like my arms to be bare except when I am at home, hence the gauze shirts over the tank when I go out. I also wear very little jewelry here because of the locals being poor. So, what can be my look when I move back to the states? Thank you.

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