Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Style Chameleon...Ellen Chang

 “Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Improvise. Become more creative. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Evolution is the secret for the next step.” 

"What do I wear today? I have nothing to wear."

If you ask me I feel these are the two most common sentences that come out of a girl's mouth around the world and usually at 7 o'clock in the morning......He! He! I can already sense a few of you rolling your eyes in agreement.

Well it is a genuine problem and it is tiresome and stressful for such delicate creatures like us to stress our brains over this but despite the agony every day we dig deep into our pile of clothes and synchronise a combination that can get us ready and out of the door in minutes for whatever it is that we are getting late for. I am myself guilty as charged for this offence and half the times I rely on my denims and just throw on any easy to grab on t-shirt that smells fresh before heading out. So as one can imagine in that very moment my sense of style, my fashion sensibilities are all thrown out of the window and what stays is practicality and ease.

Being a woman is tough, there are always guidelines to follow, expectations to be met, we are always expected to be a certain way at a certain age or place. But being a women also means that we have the privilege of being these beautiful creatures whose existence makes this world a prettier sight to see. We were meant to look pretty and charm the world with our eyes, our hazelnut hair, long legs, our wit, our humour and the list goes on. One comes across many woman in their life but some never fail to leave an impression on you. The way they talk, the way they walk or just carry themselves is something that stays in your mind as a memory of them.

Style is the key to everything. It gives you a fresh perspective to an otherwise boring or dull idea. Whether you are 10 or 30 it's always fashionable to have grace and its always glamorous to be brave.  At times you will feel it is better to carry off a stagnant or orthodox idea with style rather than pulling off a creatively new rubbish idea with no style or charm. But nurturing a sense of style doesn't come easy and usually takes years of practising, experimenting and being brave. I have the joy of knowing plenty of such brave hearts who are doing an absolutely amazing job at inventing and re-inventing themselves and their wardrobes, mixing and putting together fresh and in sync looks one after the other. 

One such Style Maven or Style Chameleon as I would like to call her is Ellen.

She lives in Canada and is an addiction counsellor at Breakaway Addiction Centre, Toronto. Her profession may sound serious and heavy but she is nothing like that in person. She loves to have a good time and enjoys dancing the most. When you look for her on Facebook u'll find that her name is also spelt ELLEN CHANGE.....that's how much she loves to change things around her. She loves food in all it's forms and is known to go out hunting for new eateries around the town along with passionately cooking at home.

Her sense of style is unique, her clothes are pretty, her make up is always right and she doesn't shy away from trying different looks every now and then. Thus I had to write about Ellen on this series that I am doing and she lovingly opened up about her favourite.

"I truly enjoy being able to dress in a versatile way – from casual, preppy, cute, grunge to business and elegant – I love being able to pull off different looks effortlessly. I like to challenge myself and experiment with trends and moods that inspire me, always adding a bit of me to my entire attire . It does take a lot of effort but I enjoy the ability and freedom to express myself through my clothing."

When asked about her favourite possession, she said," There is so much to choose from. I have so many that I absolutely can't part away with but I guess if I had to choose one I will have to go with my Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch.

 " I love this clutch for several reasons. Firstly, I love the versatility of it because I can wear it in four different ways (as shown in the pics below). I can use it as a clutch, handbag, cross shoulder bag or regular shoulder bag. The simple monogram design allows me to pair it with virtually anything in my closest, from casual to elegant wear. I literally can take this clutch anywhere! Secondly, I love how much room this clutch actually has. It may look "Deceptively Small" but don’t let it's looks fool you, I can put a ton in there. I have been able to carry my cell phone, my camera, a lip-gloss, my house keys, several ID cards, and money all at the same time in this little bag of surprises!!! 

Lastly, this clutch has a lot of sentimental value to me. I purchased it while traveling in the beautiful country called Italy with my boyfriend on our first trip together . This is also my very first couture purchase, as they say you can’t ever forget your first, can you??!!

"Hence proved.........I absolutely love this clutch!"
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