Friday, April 4, 2014

She's PINK she's ORANGE.....she's SHEENA......

The Sun shines bright over her oversized sunglasses......
....She sips her favourite wine, listening to the sound of gentle waves hitting the shore.

And as her golden honey toned skin glistens in the sunshine...she smiles,falling in love with this gorgeous day..... 
That is how a perfect day goes by for the lovely....... 


"I like being a woman, even in a man's world.After all men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants."
"Why do things need to be boring and normal?
Why can't we add a bit of sparkle into our each morning, day and night?"

Fashion is believed to travel from the runways to your closets but for some it travels from their own thought process onto paper and then into their design collection for the world to see.They believe in sharing their sense of style and making the world a better looking or in their words a well dressed place.She is one such talented and refreshing Accessory Designer. 
She is a trendsetter in her own right and heads an amazing line of Hip and Haaaawt bags called 



Fashion just comes naturally to her and there has yet to be a night out in the town where she didn't put her best fashion foot forward.Always impeccibaly dressed she is matched by her handsome husband.

So naturally I needed to peep into her wardrobe and find out what are her favourite GO TO items in her closet,things she just can't do without and also her utmost favourite possession......and I was pleasantly surprised.....

On one of her recent trips she discovered the BURBERRY BODY.....and realised she can't live without it.
"It smells amazing and just like its name it is actually like second skin....the fragrance stays even after the clothes get washed off.....MORE THAN 5 TIMES!!!( No exaggeration, personally experienced ) so now it is a permanent staple in my handbag and I would suggest all you lovely ladies to get hooked onto this one too..... Psst!psst! it also attracts all the right attention!!"

Red Suede Moccasins......they were a purchase from Bangkok.

"Extremely comfortable, if I could I would have glued them onto my feet and never left the house without they are red and have a bit of Swarovski sparkle on them which is almost to die for and comes in handy for both a casual or a formal look."

Isn't that what we all just love?!!

"Blue Metallic Tote Bag"

"This is about 5 years old, It is one of my creations and was manufactured at my workshop(you can place an order right away) I have used it for travelling several times and I can literally carry my world inside this bag.....Literally the whole world!!!It's so convenient and looks a million bucks,even on a bad wardrobe or a bad hair day I can just accentuate any look with this bag on my shoulder. It is one of my hottest selling bags and I have done several shades of the short it's a 



I actually deep down expected this one to come out, Sheena is a HOOP girl al the way!! I have personally seen her wear her vast collection on several occasions.....

"I swear by them...I have so many that I have lost count now......I have multiple pieces in silver, gold, nickel, copper etc in all shapes, sizes and styles possible.When I get confused and I can't seem to find the right pair of earrings to go with my outfit I just end up wearing them."

"I wont lie, this happens to me most of the times and if you ever end up meeting me, you would see me in hoops.They might all be different pieces but they kind of all look the same somehow.
I also told my mom to gift me a pair of plain gold and diamond ones to complete my collection and help me sort my confusion between formal and Indian wear."

"A Neon Scarf"

"This is a purchase from Promod and almost three years old now and I have about 3 more colours in it.Just like the bag I just told you about this can bring life to any outfit and add a punch to it.Plus whenever I have gone out for a vacation I've used this as a scarf, as a sarong, as a towel and have slept on it its Multi purpose."

"Striped Crop Top"

"Got this one from ZARA about 4 months back. Since its black and white stripes so I tend to feel that nothing can ever go wrong with it. Hence I live by the motto 
"When in doubt, where black and white crop"
With the Crop tops being one of the trend this season I have been living in these nowadays."

So this was a small glimpse into Sheena's favourite possessions, for more of her bags visit her on Facebook PINK ORANGE.

For business queries contact them at
For orders contact us at


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