Monday, April 7, 2014

Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination...Arsh Nandha

I was sitting and having a meal with my husband when I saw this little girl pass us by at the restaurant. She had this little Pooh bear held tightly at her waist while her mom held her other hand ordering herself a coffee. After she was done they both sat on a table next to us.
The little munchkin was so happy with her POOH. She was cuddling him, she was talking to him and even tried feeding him some sugar. In that moment I thought to myself, that as we grow up we loose this part of us somewhere on the way. We forget the little joys of life and the small things that have the power to move us to tears.There is a child in each of us belted under those Armani work pants,lost in this chaos. 

Due to our constant effort to grow up in life we forget to just sit and stare at the simple things passing us by.We rather look into our phone every 5 minutes than hold our lover's hand and ask her how her day went..... sad but true isn't it?

But there are some people who still believe in Magic and The Wishing Tree.
They move to their own beat and can start a celebration even on a sad day.They have this insatiable hunger for life. Every moment lost is like every moment spent not being "HAPPY".... yeah just like the song..... they clap along. They spread hugs and bring smiles to the people around them and are the life of any party. Their joy radiates in a room and they usually have the loudest laugh.

He is that friend of yours who will bring you a cupcake when you are heartbroken or take you dancing when you are broke....even on his low days he will be a part of your enjoyable evening spent doing nothing but cursing over football.
One such friend of mine is ARSH.

He lives in Melbourne and is a bundle of joy. A sucker for a good laugh, he is the tightest hug u'll ever receive, always smiling and spreading laughter and If there is a party in his vicinity you will definately find him there.

His moods and his likes are constantly changing and that is what keeps him going through the day,he lives in the hope to find something new at the curb.

Always making an entrance...... I have personally seen him climb the ladder of style so it was obvious that I ask Mr.Happy what makes him happy?? What is it that despite a change of mood will still be in his bag pack? 
Knowing him I was expecting him to share some crazy things with me......but his reply made me smile, It actually took me by surprise as it turns out that our MR.HAPPY is not all fun and party only.......his thoughts run on a deeper level too.

"I love everything...I find everything precious...If you ask me it would be very difficult to pick a favourite but what has the most importance to me has a soulful connection to my roots and a deeper story behind it."

"It is a symbol of my "Karah"
"It never leaves my hand and brings back memories of home and family and is also my faith in the almighty. To me it is a piece of everything I hold dear, in it I see my mother guiding me,caring for it I see my brother protecting me.....It's like my circle of empowerment hence it is a very important part of me."

"I also love my bracelets or cuffs, you will never catch me without one on my wrist and I have a plenty in my collection......this one below is my favourite though."

"I secondly treasure my belts...I can only add more and never seem to be able to throw any of them away despite the years....... I love them to pieces."

Having learnt about his faith in God, love and the power of sharing I couldn't let MR.HAPPY go without a few pieces of advise to pass the day by to which he smiles and says,

"The most important men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds. People favour underdogs but follow only top dogs.
Sometimes fight for a few underdogs anyways.



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