Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Millésime by Anna Bittner......

When style comes naturally to a women then the results are truly inspiring.....

One need not go through volumes of fashion bibles or spend hours reading about the do's and dont's of style guidelines,at times putting together an elegant ensemble comes naturally to some women...its what we usually call "TASTE".

You are either born with it or not!!!

It's in everything you do.....the way you sit at a meal or the way you leave personal notes,how you always seem to get the right earrings with the right dress or how you are always appropriately dressed for that impromptu dinner.Though I must say it is not easy to look your best 24/7,it takes a lot of hard work. It involves a lot of bargaining,endless hours spent searching for that perfect piece,aiming for a certain wrack before that dress runs out in your size even scavenging through shops,stalls and Flea markets.Today I'm writing about one such hardworking,CLASSY GIRL....Anna Bittner.

She works in the field of media and communication bringing her in constant touch with fashion and its other facets.As we all know it is an image driven profession hence being on top of your game and looks is a constant struggle.But doing it in her very own personal way is Anna.

Just like any other woman on this planet she also loves "Jewellery"
She has such a huge collection to choose from that it became difficult for her to choose her utmost favourite and after some serious thought she finally found her STAR of the lot....The item we are talking about today is a statement piece that she found at a second hand store.


"I have spend hours at flea markets and on one such trip back in September while walking past a small store I spotted this chunky unique necklace,instantly I realised that I had to go in and see it.I loved how colourful it was,how it looked on my neck and in my head I could already accessorise it with many outfits,It was love at first sight.When you look at the necklace closely, you realize that somehow all of its elements don't belong together but have been selected and rearranged to fit together beautifully. This necklace seems to have been assembled from other pieces of jewellery and you can dissect all the layers and almost see how the person who made it had put it all together. I can only assume that this necklace was made by a fashion student or a jewellery enthusiast. It's truly one of a kind piece and I LOVE IT. "


Have a star in your closet? That piece you certainly can't do without....share your story with me would love to hear you out....write to me at


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