Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Walk Alone.......Siddharth Kashyap

A creative soul is like a sponge, he is inhumanely sensitive to his surrounding. Every women is a lover, every lover is like oxygen, every touch is like an impact , every flaw is a scar, every loss is like death, every noise is a beat, every joy is ecstasy, every thought is an inspiration and every paper is their canvas. 

To create is a necessity, a way of living, it is the only way to be. Until he creates he is nothing but just a pile of bones.

One such conflicted soul is his name his tryst with life is never ending. His magnetism draws people to him and silences his critics. People have their vanity, he has his mind. He feeds on knowledge and his wit is his armour.He is a fashion designer and also owns his own design label called FIRM 8 in New Delhi,India.
It has never been easy to read his mind as he is very guarded but if I was to decipher Siddharth in a few words this is probably what I think is in his mind........

"When I sit in a room my imagination wanders and it consumes my world.There is a fire inside me that is smouldering and there is no consolation, no solace."
" I look at everyone around me in pity, there is no one who seems to understand what is it inside me that is consuming me and craving expression.They don't see what it is that I have to say in that very moment before it passes me by? It is this curiosity that drives me, it is my drug. But my conquest doesn't end there.When I bring an idea to life, initially it is perfect to me but the more I think about it the more it marinates in my body. With time I begin to see more flaws in it and then it drives me to improvise and alter it to perfection. I can never find a sense in routine and why is it that humans seek acceptance?"

Whenever I have had a creative thought in my mind his name always comes to my mind hence it was absolutely imperative for me to take my experiment(this personal wardrobe hunt ) to Sid's doorstep....and he gladly opened up...

"There is so much in the world to hold on to....... a letter from an admirer, a ciggarette on a cold winter morning, a glance at your lover from across a room full of strangers.If you ask me I can't really put a finger on one such thing but yes I do have a few favourites in my wardrobe,so here we go."

"This GAP T-SHIRT is one of my wardrobe staples."

Another favourite of mine is this custom made leather jacket, here is a picture of me wearing it on a trip to Milan sometime back. 

"Another staple is my Diesel Black jog jeans."

"U'll usually find me wearing these Glasses by Oliver's people."

"I like to add little details to my look. I like wearing this dipped matt black square ring very often, this necklace below is a self made trinket and hence I do wear it very often."

"Yellow rawhide braided bracelet H&M."

"Lastly,this Matt black digital watch by Philippe Starck."

Till next time a thought to think about.....
"Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world...if you do so, you are insulting yourself."


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