Tuesday, April 1, 2014

From a MOTHER to another......Averill Philips Marcello

When somebody is spoilt for do you pick a favourite?

When I asked Averill Marcello a gorgeous and proud mother of three wonderful and loving boys...she didn't know what would be her utmost favourite......So I decided to pen down a little something about all her wonderful possessions......

"My boys are my life...Jordan,Ethan and Ashton....I love them to pieces"

"I also love my pandora Bracelet because every charm I have signifies an important event or time. For example I have 3 letter charms E A and J one for each of my boys they gave it to me for Mother's Day.....A tea pot which was given to me by a very special childhood friend (Bani) when she came to visit me after so many years...... we spent the day together and chatted for hours over a pot of tea."

"Mark my loving husband also gave me a beautiful heart with red stones for our 10th wedding anniversary,meant the world to me." she added.

Something she holds really close to her heart are the recipes her mum has hand written for her..... they were gifted to her when she got married 15 years ago.They have masala stains even curry splashes on them, but even despite all those splatters she uses them every time,"Jalfrezi is my favourite out of them all,After years of spilling I have laminated them so they will last forever."

Looking at her cozy warm family made me realise that our mothers have this never ending love in their heart that they shower on us children unconditionally....Her kitchen is her den and her recipes spread smiles through happy lunches and food comas.....and then when we daughters grow up they pass on their knowledge selflessly to help us become the best home maker or daughter in law or wife
till we also become a MOTHER......and then the cycle just begins again.....then we take care of our  bunch....keep them them how to eat.....record their first walks....see them off to their first swim,first crush and first heartbreak.......

From a another...the journey continues.......


Have a story to share?A piece in your cupboard that you just can't seem to part away with or that shoes that you wear to almost anything....even if it doesn't love it then it's time to share it.....let me know the story behind your favourite dress....why can't you throw away that earring?

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