Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Angela under the Radar......

Angela Li is a graduate student studying Immunology at the University of Toronto.

If Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch or Sherlock as most women know him could be gift wrapped and given to one of his greatest admirers then he would definitely show up at Angela's doorstep.This intelligent scholar is charming, unique and an individualistic girl who is also an amazing cook and baking is her go to stress buster.She loves animated movies and has a seriously wicked T-shirt collection.(May be i'll write a post about them later here)

When asked about her favourite possession,this is what she had to say........

"My most favourite possession ever are my Doc Martens boots. I've had these shoes for two years now and you can tell by how worn out they are that I love wearing them. I bought these to celebrate a bunch of happy things that happened at the end of my third year at the university. If my house was on fire I would grab my glasses,my wallet and then these shoes."

"I am not a shoe person - I own about three pairs in total - but I am a firm believer that good shoes take you to good places to meet good people. These are good shoes that have taken me to places where I've made wonderful memories."

Such  a wonderful thought...will stay with me every time I travel to some place new now........XOXO.


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