Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Allison....Keeping it Stylish Yet Simple

"It's a bright and sunny day outside, the weather is warmer today, spring must be coming soon. I'm thinking bright orange or hot pink, would that be too much together? I hope I'm not over killing it but I really felt cheery and bright today so I think these are the colours for today.... let's throw a neutral blazer in, might work. This heat is making me take some awesome fashion risks."


"This is California you see, the sun is always bright here. Its always good to dress up and head out you never know who you pass by. A bright and sunny day can never fail to make you feel upbeat and happy. Everyone is always in a great mood here."

This was Allison Weeks talking to us about her post today, she is a Fashion blogger from California.

I know what you must be thinking......Ohk!!!!! here we go, one more blogger , what is wrong with their generation? You buy an iPhone and you think you're a photographer and then when you don't have anything to do you start posting. "Instagram" is like your fashion degree and "Facebook likes" are your resume???? Is that all you need these days? Were all the others from a generation apart fools to spend days perfecting their sense of design in their workshops or burning the midnight oil just before a runway show???

Well I totally respect your feeling and trust me I've had the same feelings whenever I have seen an unworthy appreciation but in this herd of Prada bags and Gucci shoes there are still some starlets outshining the others.

If a woman, standing in her lawn dressed up in pink can make me (sitting in my bed in the middle of nowhere and continents apart ) write about her, there has to be something about her right???

When you browse through her blog " SWEET MADAME BLUE" the one thing you notice is that she is young full of energy. Her love for unique prints and bold colours is evident though once in a while she does the occasional elegant transitions as well. It's her glow that holds your attention. She is new to this and over her posts you can see her growth with the imaging becoming more stylised one after the other, she is taking more risks now and is also channelising a major fashion audience through her chictopia profile.

"Right now I am absolutely obsessed with the sporty trend. Anything with mesh or an athletic feel is what I am currently living in. I love to thrift shop, there is so much you can find and it won't even hurt your pockets. So till the endorsements don't come knocking on my doorstep I will rely on my Forever 21 and Target , you might be pleasantly surprised by how much you can find there. They offer very affordable pieces that can be easily interchanged throughout the different trends and seasons."

One more thing I realised in her never see her without her glasses on(may be she likes to see the world through her tinted glasses) so when I asked her about her favourite fashion possession I was expecting her to talk about her sunnies.... but I was wrong. It was her pair of these stunning nude studded heels.

"I had purchased these from I love them because they go with everything, they look extremely chic and I never fail to receive countless compliments every time I wear them so they are my absolute favourites."


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