Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oscar fashion round up.......Movie Nominations

Oscars are a night away and fashion lovers all over the world are eagerly perched around their iPads,TV screens and search engines.....waiting for the biggest night of the movies to unfold the yearly fashion extravaganza.Designers actors and their stylist work together through sleepless nights for months prior to the big night to work on their actor's appearance on that "Golden red carpet".Everything needs to be perfect from the hair to the bow tie to the little diamonds dangling down an earring.A fashion appearance here will set the editorial world into a whirlwind decoding every move made on the Oscar night...every piece of jewellery accounted for and every Designer gown appreciated or trashed,every shoe,jewellery or comment marked and called for credits.Every thing that touches this night turns to gold...well almost....and as I am sitting here in front of my laptop waiting for it all to begin I decided to relive the fashion that this year's best nominated motion pictures brought to us....hereby bringing us to a countdown of my favourite fashion moments from this year's movie........ACTION!!

                                                           American Hustle

                                                         The Wolf Of Wall Street

                                                              Dallas Buyers Club

12 Years a Slave



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