Monday, March 24, 2014

My Precious!!!!!!!!!

Today is my birthday and I came up with this bright idea....Atleast I think it is bright!!!!

Everyone has a few favourites in their wardrobe...a certain bag or a dress or a piece of their mother's why not bring those treasures out....and may be the story behind them.So here by starting with the first of these entries...MY PRECIOUS!!!!

These lions....or Romans as I call them were gifted to me by my sister in 2003.They are one of my ever favourites and to be frank I was a bit reluctant to wear them initially as they were a bit heavy and too big for my ears...but every time I wore them they have brought me several compliments....and have evoked jealousy in a lot of my friends too....some even bribing me to pass them on to them.....which has made me love them even more...he!!he!! Women you see....

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