Thursday, February 20, 2014

Launching a Fashion Label........really??

Well yesterday I had spent some heavy time on the internet and read through several articles inspiring young budding designers to start up their own ventures and clothing lines and needless to say that IT WAS VERY INSPIRING!!!I was practically dreaming about Spring/summer 2015 in my sleep and thinking about which colours to pick.

What is it about the idea of having your own fashion label that appeals to so many people??I have worked with established designers for several years and all I have seen others or done myself is worry.....if the fabric is dyed right?Is the fitting okay?this is pending, that is lost....stock isn't ready on time,payments haven't returned from the stores,sales going haywire,clients acting like divas yet not paying like them,salaries,wages,labour,costings,fabric sourcing and the list is long...loooong enough to make you work until dawn....and yes I have spent many nights sleeping on the couch in my office.Yes my friend this is the reality.....yea yea I know what you are thinking...where are the models?the parties?the shows?the red carpets?the champagne??That does happen eventually but before all that celebration done usually 2  times a go through endless nights of working me making clothes is more hardwork than you had imagined it to be because something or the other goes wrong on a daily basis and you are always on a deadline...running against the clock plus then there is the constant pressure of bursting out with creativity and outshining the competition...not just to (necessarily)make a name but to you have those days that every creative person goes through when no matter what you just switch off and just can't get inspired.....your brain goes into hibernation and it is impossible to shake it off or get inspired no matter how many times you pick up that pencil....

Are you having second thoughts now???Me too.....feeling uncertain I really ready to immerse myself into all that work again??Do I really want to go through all that?

The answer is Yes!!!in a heartbeat...because nothing feels better than someone wearing something that came out of your and your head only and them feeling great about it....the applause...the recognition...the risk......the constant change....the urge to do something new everyday..the challenge.

So go ahead....bite the dust.

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